Webinar- Auto Insurers Rated for Online Self-Service

Auto Insurers Are Failing These Basic Online Self-Service Tests

Auto insurance consumers are going online to comparison shop in record numbers. With consumers very willing to switch providers, delivering a poor web experience is a dangerous mistake - but one that most auto insurers haven't managed to resolve.

The Customer Respect Group evaluated the online customer experience offered by today's top auto insurance providers, and will share their surprising findings in this webinar.

Attendees will learn:

  • Which of the Top 20 auto insurers' websites do the best job of impressing today's online consumer
  • How the websites performed when tested for ability to answer 35 important customer service questions
  • Website features that DON'T work any longer, and why so many auto insurers continue to use them, at their peril
  • How your company can capitalize on the online self-service opportunities that most auto insurers ignore

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Live Webinar Date:
Thu June 14, 2:00 PM EST

Featured Speakers from The Customer Respect Group and IntelliResponse

PLUS! Attendees get exclusive access to the entire auto insurance industry research report from The Customer Respect Group, with detailed performance rankings and expert analysis of the customer experience as it relates to YOUR industry.

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