Voice of the Student Report

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What's really on the minds of modern students as they seek out answers from current and prospective schools? For the first time ever, here's a comprehensive report that shows you.

The Voice of the Student Report from IntelliResponse uncovers key insights into the online questions posed by millions of students across North America – and how those questions impact departments, administrators and staff at your institution.

This report analyzes more than three years of compiled data on real questions from real students, and provides insightful 'trend spotting' commentary on what today's students expect from schools – now and in the future. The report also outlines recommendations on how to use this trending data to improve the student experience at your school.

What you will find in this report:

>>   Notable Trends in Higher Education
>>   Departmental Impact - Key insights effecting students and staff
>>   Next Steps - Recommendations to improve the student experience  


Tap into the Online Questions and Concerns of Modern Higher Education Students

Voice of the Student Report
What's on Their Minds?

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What's on Their Minds?